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Growing as rapidly alongside the EV market is the EV Charging Station industry. There are over 48,000 charging stations in the US, out of which almost one third are located in California. The following charging networks operate in the United States;

  • AeroVironment
  • BeCharged
  • Blinkcharging
  • ChargePoint
  • Circuit Electrique
  • Clipper Creek
  • Electrify America
  • eVgo Network
  • EVite
  • EVSE
  • GE WattStation
  • GreenLots
  • MAGNE Charge
  • NRG EVgo
  • OpConnect
  • Plug-In North Central Washington
  • Revitalize Charging Solution
  • SemaCharge Network
  • Shorepower
  • Sun Country Highway
  • Webasto
  • Westar Energy ElectroGo

Out of these, the best are Chargepoint , Blinkcharging, and EVGO. ChargePoint has the world’s largest network of EV charging stations. In the US, the network is widely distributed with at least one station in approximately 43 U.S. states. Though a quarter of ChargePoint stations are in California. Blinkcharging EV chargers are located in approximately 25 states, with the largest concentration in Arizona, California, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas and Washington. Blinkcharging owns and operates EV charging stations on various EV charging networks, including ChargePoint, GE, and SemaConnect, while EVgo has the largest public, DC charging network in the US but built its network with a strong presence in Texas, as well as Tennessee, California and Washington.