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Electric Hyundai 2018The Hyundai Kona Electric car is a 100 percent electric car that is decent to drive. Other features that make this electric car stand out are its comfort levels and refined looks. It is also large enough to accommodate a small family. Best of all, it is priced very attractively and it offers an excellent range on a single charge. In fact, it offers the same kind of range as you get from an expensive Tesla but for a price of less than thirty-five thousand dollars, it is really an excellent buy.


Strong range

The Hyundai Kona Electric car happens to be the first of a new breed of the EV. As mentioned, it has a very strong range and its body style that reminds one of an SUV is another thing that is going to make this car very appealing to buyers. Most people already know the Kona which competes against the likes of the Aircross from Citroen and SEAT Arona.

Travel distance

When it comes to electric cars, the Kona is well worth a second look. With a 39kWh small battery, it is capable of traveling 200 miles on a single charge which means you probably won’t need to recharge the vehicle for a good two hundred miles. There is also the 64kWH model that is under testing that promises an even more promising range.

Produces ample horsepower

The 39kWh Hyundai Kona Electric car model has an electric motor that produces 134 BHP while the larger 64kWh model is capable of churning out a nice 201 BHP. This means you can look forward to a considerable kick when you accelerate the Kona and though it is not exactly the most rapid vehicle it can accelerate from zero to 62 mph in just 7.6 second. Even better, the Kona has a nice motor that is really refined and you won’t hear more than a slight moan when you really step on the accelerator.

Nice cabin

The Hyundai Kona Electric car also boasts of a nice cabin that is not much different than the cabin of the Kona that is petrol powered. At the back, there is a 332-liter boot that is slightly larger than what you get on a supermini. The layout of the cabin is neat and there is nice eighty-inch touchscreen on the fascia that is nice and responsive.

Charging the Hyundai Kona

As for charging the Kona, there is nothing to worry about because a decent fast charge ensures that the vehicle will be about eighty percent charged and it only takes less than an hour to achieve this. That means you can look forward to driving the vehicle for about 384 kilometers on this amount of charging. The only problem you may face is there may not be readily available of charging points but since it has a decent range, this should not prove to be much of a problem.

The bottom line is the Kona is a nice electric vehicle that is affordable and it also offers a touch of class. You can expect to drive 300 miles for less than 14 dollars. Compared to diesel vehicles, the Kona is really a much better option.